AR Achievements in Software Development

Along with the technologies continuing to evolve, the customer experience moves away from merely what people see to engaging them in the brand experience. An innovative technology that is really shaking up the image is AR (augmented reality), which covers an image into the user’s view of reality and build it up with sound, touch, and even smell.

However, AR blurs the lines of reality. As consumers become more open to new AR experiences, organizations also try to figure out proper use cases. They say that due to a deeply engaging AR technology that influences various human senses, it becomes easier to receive a fantastic level of user commitment. If you would like to define augmentation go further.

AR Meaning

According to the Franklin Institute, we may consider that AR is one of the biggest and most innovative technological trends which is still going to get bigger because currently, AR ready smartphones and various other devices become more available around the world.

We may say that the augmented reality allows us to see the real environment right in front of us but still with a digital augmentation overlaid on it. For instance, one may see a pterodactyl landing in the tree, the kids could be seen kicking past an alien spacecraft on their way to score a goal, and the dogs could be mingling with their cartoon counterparts.

From games to businesses and retail, the demand for high-quality augmented reality experiences on various devices is gradually growing. Augmented reality companies provide a large variety of SDKs (software development kits) to choose from. Some of them are device-specific, while others are more targeted at specific apps, yet, there are even more that may be completely open-source.

Learning the augmenting definition and getting familiar with its most critical characteristics, it’s time to come on the biggest AR achievements in the sphere of software development.

AR Achievement #1 Microsoft Mixed Reality

According to Microsoft, the MR (Mixed Reality) is really where it is. The company provides a number of online tutorials (free) that explain how to build MR real-world applications and experiences.

Microsoft Mixed Reality

Mixed reality breaks down the barriers between physical and virtual realities. This is an ecosystem that is very different from how people use computers currently. Microsoft's Mixed Reality SDK also allows developers to design for any of the Windows MR headsets being released by third parties such as Dell, Acer, and Asus.

AR Achievement #2 Navigation

Indoor navigation is a very common use case for AR technologies. They say that the year 2020 is predicted to be the period when the average consumers get its experience. Currently, people already heavily rely on map services ( offered by both Google and Apple) in order to get around while outside. However, indoor navigation is considered to be the case that the public avoid.

Indoor navigation App

Applications that are based on ARKit and ARCore and designed for indoor navigation provide directions for instance, in airports, hospitals, malls, and office campuses. It is interesting that Gatwick Airport has already deployed its smartphone solution. It provides routes to the terminals and gates according to the users’ flight numbers.

A beta feature of Google’s AR walking direction that was created for Google Maps is available to any kind of AR-compatible iOS and Android mobile devices. As a user, one just needs to open the camera and the direction will be shown in the real environment.

AR Achievement #3 AR Shopping

The boom of AR technologies reached the sector of commerce as well. It becomes part of the buyers’ daily experience.

AR Shopping

Companies try to meet the consumer requirement for AR shopping. It is very interesting that American Apparel, Lacoste, and Uniqlo have already deployed fitting rooms and showrooms that offer a try-before-you-buy version in AR spaces. There are smart mirror technologies that scan RFID tags offer a choice of bringing recommendations to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. The IKEA company provides the customers with an application that allows them to see how various products look like in their homes just by pointing the phones at the space. The same principles become possible also in the industry of makeup and fashion.

AR Achievement #4 AR in Manufacturing

The trend of the manufacturing industry uses the technology of AR to extend into an even bigger trend. Augmented Reality is used in the manufacturing sphere to onsite train new individuals, to visualize data in order to increase the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of employees and for other AR applications in the manufacturing industry used for particular purposes.

AR in Manufacturing

For instance, visualizing a piece of equipment that requires to be repaired. It is done by placing the parts required to be replaced on the existing equipment.

AR Achievement #5 AR in Healthcare

Along with the constant adoption of AR technologies, more healthcare companies will rely on utilizing AR technologies. One of the most common uses of AR is in training. For instance, AR technology is used to train the fundamentals of how the human body works. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile augmented reality, more AR mobile apps are expected to be presented in the healthcare industry.

AR in Healthcare

New AR innovations can enhance doctors’ and surgeons’ ability to more accurately treat, diagnose, and perform surgery on the patients. This is implemented by providing them with access to real-time data and information about the patient. The process becomes reality faster and also more precisely than ever before.

Augmented reality also brings significant value to the process of practicing medicine and education by providing students and trainee physicians with a chance to better visualize issues and scenarios in the health sphere that may be treated by them.

To Sum Up

As we already know and may see, the mobile AR market is very large and it is still expected to constantly expand as more and more industries are involved in the AR trends. Augmented reality becomes an advantage that prompts businesses forward in multiple industries. As a result, the life of the users becomes easier. So, what else we need to do if not following and pretending the future AR trends and why not thinking about a new scope where augmented reality may become a better solution.

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