Mobile App Development

Going mobile is a great advantage for any business. Mobile apps perfectly meet people’s needs, due to their high speed and flexibility. At Cypress, we deliver high-quality app development services both for iOS and Android operating systems. Our focus is only on mobile apps as they offer high performance, consistent UI, and accessibility to new features.

Mobile App Development Services Include:

Mobile Application Design
iOS App Development
Android App Development
Application Testing

Used technologies:

Swift and Objective C for iOS
Kotlin and Java for Android

Mobile App Development Process with Cypress

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Application Design and Wireframing

Getting familiar with your expectations of the final product, our team designs a prototype of your expected mobile app

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Application Development

Once you like our suggested solution for your application, the development process begins. The previously introduced design is converted into technical solutions that meet your specific business requirements

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Application Testing

In this phase, our QA specialists test your application to ensure it’s absolutely bug-free. We organize A/B (Alpha/Beta) Testing and practice the app on real test users. As a result, all the errors are notified and fixed.

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Application Launch

Having all bugs fixed, the Cypress team launches your mobile application. From then on, your customers get an opportunity to download your app from the App Store or Google Play.

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The application launch isn’t the final stage of our cooperation. We maintain the project according to the users’ feedback. We make improvements in the project, according to news and updates in the industry (such as a new OS version with updated UI). The main idea is that Cypress keeps an eye on your application. We analyze the project and provide its stability even after the project launch.