The Benefits of Lockdown for Lucky Industries

Because of the current situation, the normal life circle of the world is gone. At the first period of the lockdown, people feel as in danger but throughout the time they adjust to the situation and learn to go along with the flow, working from home or continuing to visit workplaces (of course, following all the rules). Such a situation arouses a crisis for some businesses as well. For instance, many travel agencies have already gone out of business, because many countries are in quarantine and tourism isn’t actual or even available for this period.

However, not all of the business industries face crises and have to make use of their emergency budget. There are some lucky industries of businesses that seem to be blessed and benefit from this lockdown. In this article, we are going to identify which are these blessed ones that still profit when the world is in confusion.

#1 IT Sector

When, for example, shops don’t work properly because the customers are in lockdown, IT companies are in full blossom. People and businesses try to find digital solutions to continue their jobs online. IT companies work from home and continue their efforts in creating online solutions. Some possible solutions are delivery service providers, e-commerce stores, online classrooms, custom teaching portals, etc.

Benefits of lockdown for IT Sector

Surely, working from home may be difficult for IT specialists. They may feel stressed about staying at home all day long and trying to concentrate on work. However, this is the best solution when we consider for instance hairdressers or makeup artists who have to stay at home without income. The most fantastic thing is that there is no lack of orders for digital solutions.

The situation also creates new opportunities for the future. A new kind of mentality is developed. People learn to use online services and in the future as well, they tend to continue making their life easier with online services that help them save time, energy, and sometimes even money.

#2 E-commerce Marketplace

As people are in lockdown and cannot visit physical locations of shops, they rely on online commerce services. According tosome sources, Amazon hired additional 100,000 employees in March to meet the increasingly growing demands of customers.

Benefits of lockdown for e-commerce marketplace

Even the brick and mortar stores that didn’t deliver digital services before, now rely on technological help in order to reach their customers. And with a high probability, they will continue these services regardless of the situation. Here the IT sector gets benefits.

#3 Pharmaceuticals

As may be expected, during this crisis period pharmaceutical agencies are playing an inevitably large role. What else people need more than treatment drugs, vacancies, disinfectants, masks, and many more elements that seem to be a solution. Pharmacies are the few places that are open during the pandemic and properly work. All the firms and agencies that work as a supplier of such treatments benefit from the great demand.

#4 E-teaching Marketplace

When traditional learning is no longer available, more people tend to turn to online teaching. These days the teaching process may avoid losing because this is one of the lucky industries that is possible to implement through digital platforms. Currently, different kinds of educational institutions come to online teaching services. They own digital products (websites or applications) that help to deliver knowledge and contact the learners.

Benefits of lockdown for e-teaching marketplace

Usually, such e-teaching portals offer special functions for uploading video courses, attaching additional material, coming up with live streams, running a blog, or making a group discussion in the forum. This is a great technological solution for managing the knowledge sharing process and again provided by the IT sector.

#5 Online Training

Many people decide to become a trainer and share their skills when they cannot use it. They may have various professions. For example, let’s take gym trainers, makeup artists, hairdressers, and many more specialists who don’t have a chance to work during the lockdown and may share their skills by those who are interested. This also becomes a kind of online teaching through technological innovations. Do you guess? The IT sector again benefits.

#6 Video Conferencing

There are various memes about who is behind the COVID-19 pandemic. And do you guess the answer? -ZOOM. Such online conferencing tools help businesses get in touch with co-workers, organize group calls, manage discussions, present demos, and many more functions.

Benefits of lockdown for video conferencing

Other tools that make online conferencing possible areSkype,Webex, etc. However, sometimes these tools fail to be secure. Accordingly, many people lose their trust in these tools and prefer to build their own portals.

#7 Entertainment Streaming and Gaming

What happens when people are locked at houses and have nothing to do? They try to find something interesting to enjoy their time and spend their days. In such situations, many people like to watch movies or play games. As a result, many platforms that provide similar services get millions of new subscriptions. Let’s take for example Netflix. According to theBBC statistics, as a result of lockdown,Netflixhad gotten 16 million sign-ups by the end of April.

Other people spend their time on online gaming platforms, and accordingly, they also record volumes.

To Sum Up

Now you may shape a clear opinion about how crisis becomes a “blessing” for some lucky industries. In such a difficult situation when many companies go out of business or pause their services for an unidentified period, everything online really matters. Currently, even the social mentality goes online. Once people enjoy using digital services and getting their benefits, they will never waste time and lose energy to visit a physical location.

And in case we go deeper, the major success is based on digital platforms and technological solutions. Wherever we go, information technology is an increasingly growing aspect that covers more and more industries of our lives. If you were attentive, the majority of the above-mentioned business spheres achieve success thanks to the solutions provided by the IT sector. So, they become a customer for development companies and grow the sector in their turn.

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