Cypress Earns Great Reviews on Clutch

Cypress is a mobile application development company that delivers services worldwide. The company takes projects from any stage and organize the management up to the deployment process. On one of the highly-known review platforms - Clutch the company earned a lot of reviews.

The Company - Cypress

Here at Cypress, we have provided the customers with stellar mobile app development solutions since 2015. Our team has helped businesses to prosper and grow from around the United States. Even as our industry changes quickly, we have an objective to stay on top of the latest trends while building long-term relationships with our clients.

In the past, we’ve built great apps for startups around the globe. We are proud to announce that we’ve been rewarded for our efforts by earning great reviews on Clutch, a worldwide leader in B2B ratings and reviews. Being based in Armenia, we are proud to be ranked as one of the top companies in Yerevan and all of the country.

If you like, check out the profile of Cypress on Clutch.

Which Industries Cypress is Specialized in?

Like the cypress tree, the Cypress company as well scratches its branches over multiple industries and provides evergreen solutions to businesses. Many people wonder what are the main industries Cypress is specialized in. However, we cannot highlight several industries because our scope is wide. And that is why the company has chosen application development.

These days, when people depend on their smartphones, the best way to reach them is through mobile applications. That is why Cypress focuses on mobile development for businesses in various industries, including proximity marketing, food & drink, delivery, maps & navigation, and many more fields.

What the Cypress team highlights are the efficiency and functionality of the final product as well as the satisfaction of the customers and the end-users. As we like to say “We Create Mobile Apps that Deserve Claps”. Every review and rating of our client is a clap that motivates us, prompts forward, encourages us to face new challenges and to deliver better solutions.

Ratings and Reviews - Clutch

Located in Washington D.C., Clutch uses verified client feedback to analyze and rank companies. Their team has built an enormous database of information on B2B service providers that buyers use to develop sustainable partnerships. We are thrilled to hold a 5.0/5.0 overall rating on Clutch over three reviews. Our work can also be viewed at The Manifest, a research hub for B2B industry metrics and data. The Manifest also features business tips and company listings that help businesses to succeed together.

A Recent Deployed Project

In a recent project displayed on Clutch, we provided mobile app development for a payment management solution. After building an application that worked with the company’s hardware, our team was congratulated on our successful process. We were praised for our coordination, transparency, and diligence.

The CEO of the client company - Ruzanna Nahapetyan, placed her opinion about the Cypress approach and work:

“We were provided with a detailed roadmap of the work, and all updates were available instantly. Overall, communication was very well organized. We mostly dealt with the account manager, which made it easy for us to communicate and organize an efficient workflow… I was impressed by their flexibility, knowledge, and expertise. We only had an initial idea of what we needed, then they drafted the project overview, with really valuable inputs.” — CEO, SimplyPay Malta

Cypress review

The Cypress team is grateful to all the clients. The mobile app development agency feels thankful:

“This means so much to us, and we’re so thankful to all the clients that have taken the time to leave us feedback. All these kind words are motivating for our team and we look forward to receiving every review we get on Clutch!”

To Sum Up

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