How to Maintain Your Brand Identity with a Product

In the 21st century, one of the most critical factors for any brand is to develop a unique brand identity that will be memorable for the users. Have you ever thought what for instance, Apple brand identity says? It says merely two words “Be Different” and all of us see that these words really work. We realize these are not just words when we learn millions of dollars are spent every year on Apple products. So, how did this brand become a giant in the market and prompted people to be different?

In this article, we’ll together find out how to create and maintain brand identity with your product. For example, if you have a mobile application then it should become the digital face of your business. Now, let’s discuss the most essential points that will surely help you to make your product memorable for potential users and increase the chance of converting them into happy customers.

#1 Logo

A logo is one of the very first and important things that come to people’s minds whenever they hear about your brand or company. So, what do you imagine when you hear the word “apple”? Probably, the latest model of an iPhone, or a modern iWatch? And what it means: Apple has won the competition.

While creating a logo, make sure your logo will be easy to remember and have something common to your company. A logo should be enough extraordinary to be easily recognized and as simple to work across multiple media. An appropriate logo is memorable. It makes a perfect first impression. A good logo should be effective at its size on your product.

Particular attention should be paid to every element of your logo, such as colors, shapes as well as fonts. All of these elements are what convey the message of your brand. The most important is that the logo delivers the correct and accurate message about your company.

#2 Colors

The visual identity is what matters. Your application (or any product) design should be based on the colors of your brand. This is an essential part of your brand identity design. A bright example is Facebook. When I see the blue color Facebook immediately comes to my mind.

While choosing colors, make sure you do not mix very many colors and evoke negative feelings. Analyze what colors go well with each other and make a tonal contrast.

Brand Colors

Before choosing your brand identity design colors make some research and find out the meaning of colors and make sure they are related to your brand message. If you tend to go to the international market take into consideration the meanings of colors in different cultures.

#3 Speed

In case we deal with digital products, speed matters. These days, people are dependent on their smart devices and expect to get their required information or service as soon as possible. If your product requires several seconds more, then people tend to give up on it and rely on the products of your competitors. Any kind of digital product should be optimized enough to meet the end-users’ needs.


#4 Navigation

Have you ever considered what you take into account when using a new application? Surely, you try to find out how it can help you. An easy navigable application does not make you think about how to find the right direction. It provides such an effective user experience that you immediately realize what to find and from where.

#5 Consistency

Every brand needs to maintain a consistent brand image via any kind of marketing channel. Such an approach allows any business to be not only recognizable but also memorable. Your product should not only deliver high-quality services but also be responsive as users tend to deal with a consistent product or company. Customers want to experience the best quality regardless of season and time and your brand inconsistency can make your customers switch to competing brands.

Brand consistency

#6 Uniqueness

Brand uniqueness is different from product functionality or related propositions. The elements of brand identification make it recognizable and distinctive. The most essential thing to consider is that customers tend to invest in culture more than a product. So, the company should be innovative enough to provide a great deal of thought to vision more than the product.

However, a unique brand doesn’t always have to be too revolutionary. Although one can make it complicated, something simple and unique stands out from the competition is enough. Your product branding and identity should express your company’s interests, priorities, values, and style.

#7 Sustainability

In the current digital era, new technologies and trends have influenced multiple things such as brand reputation. The idea of a brand is now shaped according to the way the organization interacts with its clients as well as goes on with the changing trends, future expectations of the users and also how they feel about what the company/product provides.

Brand Sustainability

Developing a brand does not only rely on graphics, colors or logos. A proper foundation is critical. A sustainable brand is what makes people remain connected with the products and make use of its services. Take into consideration that a brand that keeps up with current trends has a great potential to retain customer loyalty through good as well as challenging times. So, customer requirements should be in the first place.

#8 Bug-Free

Once a product is delivered to the market it should meet the users’ expectations and provide them with a hassle-free experience. In this regard, make sure your mobile app is tested so that there are no bugs that will disappoint your users and make them appear in stressful situations. To make sure, you may rely on the best mobile app testing tools that will support on finding all the errors in order to fix them in advance.


Keep in mind that the success of your product relies on its accurate branding and identification. If it becomes reputable in the market and users trust it, then nothing may prevent your continual success. Only take into consideration that once the product is introduced to the target audience the users should be invited to experience a unique world. Do not let your potential users discover that world somewhere else.

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