The Importance of Online Certification Platforms

Certification is an essential step and a big decision that identifies an individual as professionals. Certification earns the respect of the candidate among colleagues and managers. These certifications are frequently referred to as prerequisites for promotion and acquiring a new job post. Certificate Management is a networked system created for certificate generation, distribution, storage, and verification. It aims to be used in a variety of security-enhanced applications.

Benefits of Computer-aided Assessment

The computer-aided assessment makes a detailed analysis of the test results easier with minimal effort. Such platforms identify the points where candidates possibly have difficulties as well as alert the staff to possible requirements of pieces of training. Sometimes it is used in order to identify trends and patterns among the group of candidates.

Tests are marked automatically. Despite the fact that some time is invested in constructing the test, little or no time is spent on marking. The appliers get their results immediately upon completion or a short time later.

Randomized variables make the tests more effective. Candidates get similar tasks where the problem isn’t absolutely identical. This is especially useful when candidates formatively use assessments. Here they practice repeatedly, however, each time the variable detail (used in the questions) change.

Most certificate management platforms allow providing feedback so that the attendees identify where they have gone wrong. Such an approach is especially helpful.

Advanced features of Certification Platforms

#1 Eligibility

In order to take part in a test and get certified, the candidates should be eligible and fit some requirements such as the age distinction or compilation of privacy policy. Once the candidates register they should meet all the eligibility requirements, otherwise, they cannot go on in the platform.

#2 Accessibility

The certification management system is available for the admin and users, who have their separate accounts and manage the data and follow the process.

#3 Flexibility

Thanks to the advanced features of continually developing innovative technologies many areas of industry become more and more flexible. The online Certification system isn’t an exception. Candidates easily navigate the platform via their tablets, apply tests, pass on, and get certified.

One of the most fantastic things is that such platforms are possible to operate anytime and from anywhere. It helps to save time.

#4 Variety of Question Styles

The online certification system offers several types of tests, including written exams with CBT (computer-based tests), how to tests, practical tests, etc.

In regards to the content and its length, the CBT tests are the same. The exams are electronic in their format, however, the participants are not allowed to test from their own devices. Instead, they must visit a secure testing facility. The significant benefits to CBT exams are quicker scheduling and result reporting.

Best Practices of Online Psychometric Tests

A psychometric test is conducted aiming to evaluate the skills, behavior, personality, and ability of the candidate. Its primary objective is to identify whether or not the individual meets specific requirements and standards. Such an approach may include using motivation questionnaires, conducting personality profiles and reasoning tests, as well as assessing the educational achievements of the participants.

Currently, psychometric assessment tests are widely used in various industries and settings. Such tests are used to provide objective data for measurement. Most commonly it is used for educational purposes in the academic field and also for recruitment purposes in the field of commerce. The test evaluates the psychological capability of potential applicants, as well as their psychological compatibility with the job position they apply for.

Since objectivity is key to using psychometric assessments, each time a good test is given it aims at providing fair and clear results. To make sure in this, the psychometric test should meet some primary criteria, including

1. Standardization

A psychometric test should be based on results taken from a sample population that is representative of all the candidates who are to take the test. It is not possible to realistically test many people in the same country. Instead, a representative sample of different groups takes part in the test, and then the results are applied to the specific people who are tested.

On the other hand, every time a standardized test is administered in the same way in order to help to reduce any test bias. Using the standardized psychometric tests, you can compare various results focusing on comparing a test with anyone whose characteristics are relatively more similar to those of the taken group.

2. Reliability

A psychometric assessment test should produce consistent results. The possibility of being influenced by outside factors is minimized. For example, the test results should never vary depending on the fact whether the candidates feel stressed or excited and relaxed when taking the test.

3. Validity

Probably, the most critical quality of psychometric tests is validity. A valid test should have all the features to measure what it is initially intended to measure. For instance, if the test is supposed to measure the interests of a candidate, then it should clearly demonstrate it so that the interests aren’t confused with something else that's may just be related to interests.

These psychometric tests are worked in several steps:

Step 1: Add the test to active tests

Step 2: Share the test with candidates

Step 3: Candidates take the test

Step 4: Test reports are sent

Final Words

As we have already discussed, software platforms bring the certification process to a new level. Here I’ll introduce some points on why do companies need to rely on certification programs. These platforms help to:

  1. create a new revenue stream
  2. increase the lead funnel
  3. reduce customer dependence on support
  4. establish market dominance and reputation
  5. set a standard for future hiring
  6. increase the hiring pool and reduce hiring costs
  7. use the certification data for future product development
  8. use certification programs to expand your entire company

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