iOS Development: Recent Revolutionary Changes

Are you a mobile app developer or maybe a business owner who tends to reach a wider market? Probably you are a startup founder or just an enthusiastic user of mobile applications? Anyway, if you are somebody who is interested in mobile application trends then I will let you know all the revolutionary changes in iOS development.

It was years ago when American businessman Steve Jobs founded the Apple company. Since then this brand became memorable due to its unique brand identity. Currently, millions of dollars are annually spent on Apple products. As a result, iPhone app development has become one of the most rapidly growing aspects of mobile development because people use these products. Interesting, right? Go on! Let’s together find out all the essential iOS development trends that come to our reality having a great idea behind.

iOS Development Trends #1 Membership Fee Waivers

Apple announced that they allow publishers to waive membership fees associated with its Application Developer Program. Particularly, they suggest new fee waivers to nonprofit organizations, accredited educational institutions, and government entities. As for beginners, it will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Japan, China mainland, Australia, Brazil, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Korea. Yet Apple promised the company plans to make the waivers available in more markets over time.

New members may join the Apple Developer Program without any cost only as an eligible organization. They just need to select the option to request a fee waiver during the enrollment process. Once the fee waiver is approved, the organization will no longer be required to pay for membership while completing the enrollment.

Membership Fee Waivers

Already account holders of eligible organizations get a chance to submit a fee waiver only if their membership is not expired. Yet, this waiver requires a tax ID or national ID: this is the number assigned by the local government agencies in order to identify a business within the local market. Once the fee waiver is approved, the agency will no longer be required to pay the annual fee upon renewal. In this algorithm, the full or partial refunds for the existing memberships will not be available.

iOS Development Trends #2 Universal Purchase and App Store Categories

Once an application is added to the account, it becomes possible not only to view but also to edit the app data as well as the information related to the platform version in the My Apps section. Before you enter app information, review all the required, localizable, as well as editable properties.

Certain information is required before uploading a build or submitting the application for review. It is also possible to edit some properties at any time and others only in the case when the app has an editable status. Additionally, one gets an opportunity to localize App Store information which is shown on the App Store.

Required roles are:

  • Account Holder
  • Admin
  • App Manager
  • Marketing

iOS Development Trends #3 Adoptive User Interface

Generally, users want to be able to use their favorite applications on all of their devices. In the case of an iOS app, it is possible to configure interface elements and also layouts to automatically change the shape and size so that it looks great on different devices, during multitasking on iPad, in split view, when the screen rotates, and even more. Currently, it's essential to design an adaptable interface that offers a great experience in any environment.

An offered tool is Auto Layout. This is a development tool for constructing adaptive interfaces. The tool gives us an opportunity to define rules which are known as constraints. These are what govern the content in the application. For instance, one can constrain a button so it’s always horizontally centered and positioned several points below an image, regardless of the available screen space. This Auto Layout automatically readjusts the layouts taking into consideration the specific constraints in the case certain environmental variations that are known as traits, are detected.

Adoptive User Interface

The Multitasking on iPad is highly recommended. As a result, it becomes possible to immediately switch from one app to another due to a multitasking interface on any iOS device, or by using a multi-finger gesture on the iPad. Building an application that works in a multitasking environment provides the app harmoniously coexisting along with other apps on the same device. Accordingly, this means that an ideal app should never use too much CPU, memory, screen space, and other system resources. Instead, it should respond well to immediate interruptions and audio from other applications, quickly and smoothly transition to and from the background. The app should also behave responsibly in case of operating in the background.

iOS Development Trends #4 Custom Apps

The Apple App Store offers apps that are automatically available for volume purchase and the same price in Apple Business Manager as well as Apple School Manager. This is where businesses and educational institutions download applications for volume distribution. Currently, developers have an alternative choice of creating custom apps.

A custom application is an app created for a specific organization. It may include a proprietary app for the organization’s internal use. What one needs is to maintain the code and retain intellectual property rights. It is also possible to offer:

  • a tailored look and feel
  • certain functionality for a process or workflow
  • specific configuration for IT environments
  • security features for company data
  • custom features for partners, clients, dealers, franchises, employees

custom application

Furthermore, it becomes available to specify one and more organizations that see and can download the application on Apple Business Manager / Apple School Manager. Then they can distribute it through Mobile Device Management or redemption codes. One thing to keep in mind is that this option is available only before the app has been approved. Once it is approved no changes are available.

To make a custom app - available only to specific organizations, one first needs to sign a Paid Applications Agreement, even if when offering it for free. While submitting the application, one should introduce the specific organization(s) ID to make it custom.

iOS Development Trends #5 Kids Category

Parents expect to find proper applications for their children in the App Store’s kid category. To meet their expectations App Store tends to protect children’s data as well as provide only age-appropriate content. The applications also require parental permission that is implemented by linking out of the app and sending a request.

The important point is that apps do not deliver personally identifiable information or device information to third parties. Therefore, the ads are human-reviewed for age property and may be displayed only after being approved.

Apple ensures that they will review all the already existing applications in the kid category by March 2020.

To Sum Up

Today when millions of mobile apps are introduced in Apple’s play store, we have to face a struggle to stand out from the competitive space. In order to make a mobile app development successful, it is critical to stay tuned with the possible mobile app development trends, updates, changes, and technologies. Surely, all the possible updates are not included in the article above. However, this is a general note that helps you to shape an overall idea about the most revolutionary changes and be aware of the expected innovations.

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