Mobile app outsourcing: how to choose the perfect partner

As you have come across this article, you are probably already aware of the advantages of outsourcing and decided to start your mobile project. It can be confusing when you encounter various mobile app development companies and try to filter out the perfect fit. Don’t you worry! We will walk you through all possible criteria to consider when choosing a partner-fit. So, no more intro; let’s now dive deeper into the topic. We will go over 6 stages of consideration and roll out the question in the most detailed way possible. As you get to the end of the article, you will be closer to your final decision. So let’s get started. First of all...

1. Know your requirements!

The process begins with defining the scope of your requirements and understanding your own needs. Knowing your requirements will help you at the first touchpoint with any mobile development company.

Firstly, it is for your benefit to understand what you expect as an acceptable result so that you could guide the process towards the end. At this stage, you can cooperate with your product owners or brainstorm and define yourself what your acceptance criteria should be. The predefined criteria will help you reach the expected goals and ensure your success.

In other words, take your time to envisage the end goal. When you visualize your app and describe it in detail, an experienced mobile app project manager will be skillful and committed enough to highlight your requirements and transfer them into your app’s technical scope.

The better you can formulate your app's business idea, the sooner you will find your partner. If it is a bit challenging for you to express your business idea’s vision, you would instead consider companies that not only deliver the app’s technical side but also consult you business-wise and contribute to your long-term success.

Start evaluating your target market and draft your requirements. You don’t need to get into the specifics; having a general outline will do. Also, are you open to suggestions from the industry experts? Be ready for that, as most of the highly qualified outsourcing companies are savvier in writing documentation and user stories, they will help you in this process. The technical project managers will incorporate their knowledge into your success.

2. Do your research!

Long before searching for an outsourcing partner, do your research. Research is the king or the queen you choose, but anyways, it should always be there.

There is no need to learn computer science, but understanding the fundamental processes is critical for your success. You can prepare questions about coding standards and best practices. Asking relevant and revealing questions will help you weed out the not professionals on the market.

You can get to know their development team, ask about their company culture and communication style and ensure that you are on the same page about your project.

Ask the company to send you a formal proposal, where they clearly state all you have agreed upon during your meetings. Consider signing all the agreements before kick-starting your project.

3. Check out their level of expertise!

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about the portfolio; this topic should be a high priority during the company’s discovery meeting. Checking their level of expertise will give you a complete view of their background, and you will find out whether they have had a project similar to yours. Look for the tech stack, the deliverables and ask questions about previous projects and clients. You could also ask for the number of projects they have executed. What kind of clients have they worked for? What style of project management do they follow?

Ask for references from past and present clients. Check out their success stories and cases on their website, or else ask for a client's contact to talk to. You can also check out online reviews on platforms like Clutch, G2, and alike.

mobile app development partner

4. Ensure good communication!

Communication is the most critical aspect of your future partnership. It would be best to interact with the project manager in the first stages of the project. Most of the time, the project manager is responsible for the project execution, and he/she will be your primary touchpoint.

It is common to specify beforehand what meeting pattern you will follow during the project. It ensures group cohesion, drives execution, and clarifies immediate next steps. As the product owner and the company founder, you can have your weekly alignment meeting with the PM. It will help you keep your finger on the pulse. Frequent communications and alignment meetings help clear out all impediments on the way to completion. On the other hand, regular meetups bring visibility into all the victories and setbacks in the process.

As for your relations with the mobile development company, frequent communication will prepare the ground for long-term trust, sense of accountability towards the project.

Remember that if you plan to jump on a long-term contract, you will need to “be present” at the processes. Specify your level of input and involvement right ahead of cooperation. Ask questions: Who will be the primary point of contact? What is the response time?

Your app will not be built without your guidance. The only way to help your outsourcing company assist you is to be open in communication. Our experience shows that every project requires a uniquely tailored approach towards project management and in most cases, a good mix of traditional and agile practices works the best.

5.Look for a team of problem-solvers!

You need to opt for an outsourcing partner who not simply executes the given tasks and provides code lines but solves problems. Now the times have changed, and companies are looking for partners who can envisage your end product's complete picture and have their professional input for your success.

Empathy is critical for success: if every member of the development team treats your business as their own project, proactively comes up with solutions that are realistic and valuable, you have nothing to worry about. The team will take care and do its best to eliminate all the roadblocks on the go.

6. Ask for scalability upfront!

Nowadays, scalability is no longer an advantage but a basic need. Your business requirements will evolve, so ask if your partner is ready to take up the new requirements? Clarify this aspect before signing the final papers if you have a long-term vision. Make sure your partner can upscale the team and deliver faster. It is always a good idea to include post-project support terms and conditions upfront, so you can ask them to have these on the proposal.

It is best to decide upfront on what level the development team will be committed to your project after the launch. The group stays accountable for their results and takes action to ensure flawless use of your app.

You can organize and define what hyper-care model your cooperation will follow.

Nice to see that you have come down here. So you are now all set for success and productive cooperation with the perfect development team. Good luck with your quest!

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