When Do Mobile Business Apps Matter?

Have you ever tried to surf on the application stores? If you did, you know what a wide variety of apps are available. The reason is that, currently, the whole business world goes mobile. According to the 2019 statistics, 10.12% of applications in the Apple App Store belong to the business category - second place after the game apps. Some of these business applications are efficient and successful with millions of monthly installations and loyal users. Others are just a waste of time and do not serve the requirements they are built for.

In order to fulfill the first rank of successful applications, businesses and startups should carefully consider their objectives and develop applications that satisfy their wishes and also meet the needs of their audience. If the expected applications do not seem to be a good solution, then it will just be a loss of time. So, if you don’t want to leave your business behind and think about introducing an app, first of all, you need to understand when mobile business apps matter, and what kind of businesses have the necessity of an application. To help you make the right decision, at this time, I’m going to bring some reasons why a business app is a good idea. Let’s check out whether your business needs to follow these trends.

#1 Accessibility

As all of us know, people spend a few hours a day on their mobile devices. Since only a handful of applications make up the extent of the total usage. This means that being “in the right way” is an advantage to your company, and provides accessibility. Users’ minds unconsciously record every image and text that comes across. For instance, seeing the Facebook logo, the user may tap on the app icon— even if it happens unconsciously.

Mobile App Accessibility

Mobile application development also aims at improving customer engagement. Being available everywhere and at any time, you make it easy for your customers to reach out. Overall accessibility increases the level of brand awareness and improves your recognition. This is a reason for having an app, perhaps, common for any business. Yet, there are businesses that do not focus on recognition and availability cause they have their specific pool of users.

#2 Marketing Channel

An application may become a direct marketing channel. As a result, transmitting any kind of information to your customers, such as sales and promotions, becomes as easy as a click. One way to get even closer to direct interaction and easily remind your users about the offered products or services that support your marketing efforts is by using push notifications.

Mobile App as a Marketing Channel

#3 Targeting

Targeting is a function many applications may offer to guarantee business success for different industries. If your business requires tracking a chosen market, directly communicating to real customers, and offer your services or products to related people who value it, then targeting is a significant factor to consider for your software product.

#4 Booking Forms

According to 2018 statistics of Hospitality Net, 49% of online bookings were made directly through mobile devices. Today this number is even higher, as people are always with their smartphones. So, if you want to give your potential clients the opportunity to book online regardless of their location and time frame, then a mobile app is an ideal idea.

Apps help take the confusion out of the booking process. Users do not have to scroll through the contact list to find out your business phone number. And nor do they have to trawl on your website to find a direct booking form. All they need to do is tap on your app and they are on the way to go.

Mobile App Booking

Some essential advantages of a booking app for brands are:

  • Easy booking through an up-to-date booking form
  • In-app direct bookings
  • Push notifications that encourage future bookings
  • Geotargeting to bring about booking reminders

Custom mobile app development services related to the booking forms are a “must-have” tool especially for travel agencies, as well as hotel and hospitality industries.

#5 Mobile Payment

Mobile payment apps allow a business to accept payments while customers are on the go, yet they can track business expenses. The app PayPal Here is an ideal example of an app for a business that needs to get paid on the go. Such mobile payment apps are a good choice for beauty salons, food trucks, retail shops, and many more industries.

Mobile Payment

#6 Communication

Effective communication is critical for the daily activity of small businesses. Such apps aim at keeping in touch with the customers as well as improving productivity within the company. Communication applications are like messengers and an example is Skype for business.

Communication-based mobile apps facilitate the contact management process. Whenever your business contacts, family or friends update their contact information, all the changes automatically appear on your phone. As a rule, the provided contacts should also use the app. Addappt is a bright example of such apps. It allows users to organize contacts into groups, as a result, it becomes easier to send messages to all the group contacts at once via the app.

#7 Time Management

Time is one of the few things that is equally given to everybody. Yet, each of us uses it personally. Some people just waste their time on worthless things, while others make the worth of it.

Mobile App for Time Management

Mobile app design companies also provide solutions that organize time management. Such apps automatically track time users spend on applications and send them detailed reports based on their activity. It is also possible to set alerts that notify when a certain amount of time is spent on an activity, such as social networking or reading news, etc.

To Sum Up

Of course, the above-mentioned reasons are not the only ones for building a mobile business app, but they are still the most essentials. If you see some of these features may bring benefits to your business or level up your success, then the chance is great that presenting app matters. However, do not forget to consider the competition in the industry in order to offer your customers something different from your competitors.

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