Measure Ground Control

The Ground Control app is a part of Measure’s complete software solution. It covers a wide range of industries, including solar, wind, transmission and distribution, coal and gas, public safety, buildings and construction, and government. The app enables enterprises to deploy large-scale drone programs and highlights the benefits of aerial intelligence.

The Problem

The commercial drone operators did not have any chance to control aerial activities. To organize drone flights, users have to spend a lot of time and energy because of the lack of automated solutions.

The Challenge

Taking into consideration the specific business needs, the Cypress team takes the responsibility to develop a software solution that
- Converts captured images into 3D models
- Helps schedule and plan flights
- Provides safe flights having analyzed the possible dangers in advance
- Works on inspections in different industries

The Solution

As a result of detailed research of the industry, the Cypress team built an application for drones that encompasses a wide range of industries. The Ground Control application:
- Offers advanced drone management tools, including integrated airspace maps, safe and accessible grid flight,
- Makes the custom set-up easier (user profiles, custom dashboards, etc)
- Develops work orders according to both the grid and waypoint flight plans (The grid plan supports the solar system because solar panels are situated in a circular arrangement. The waypoint flight plan serves in industries like wind, electric utilities, constructions, and buildings, etc. It is effective as wind turbines or electric utilities do not have a specific arrangement)
- Customizes pre- and post-flight checklists
- Schedules flights and makes it possible to manage the speed, destination, etc.
- Stores flight data details and exports reports about the activity
Ground Control gives users everything required to collect high-quality data and plan their flight in advance. The fantastic thing about this application is that it takes minimal possible time and provides maximum safety.

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