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Sounds True is the world’s most extensive living library of transformational teachings that supports and accelerates spiritual awakening and personal transformation. It’s available on multiple media platforms in different languages.

The Problem

The meditation process wasn’t available to people everywhere at any time. There were no flexible means that would inspire, support, and serve continuous spiritual awakening, regardless of the location, and time. There wasn’t a chance that the users could engage with new courses.

The Challenge

Having fully analyzed the case, the Cypress team took the responsibility to develop an app that
- Increases user engagement
- Is available and accessible for people regardless of their location
- Maintains the authority level
- Provides sync audio programs, and videos
- Offers offline experience

The Solution

At Cypress, the developers’ team found out the best possible solution. Native applications were built for iOS and Android OSs that meet the requirements of Sounds True.
- This app gives users the freedom to meditate wherever they want.
- Sounds True keeps tracking the progress of the meditation so that the users go on the process.
- With the help of push notifications, users easily learn about new content.
- Chapter navigation enables users to find what they are looking for easily.
- The offline playback allows playing titles even without a network connection.
- With the help of the true digital library, a huge amount of multilingual content is available on a range of platforms.
Due to the solution provided by Cypress, the Sounds True expands its mission to disseminate spiritual wisdom and wake up the world.

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