Proximity Marketing
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Bubbl is an innovative “drop-in” solution for mobile proximity marketing. It’s a location tracking SDK that provides the best possible experience both on iOS and Android systems.

The Problem

Bubbl is a marketing company that needed a technological tool to implement marketing campaigns, taking into consideration the geographical location of the audience. The problem they faced was to target people, analyze the users’ behavior, and improve their clients’ services.

The Challenge

Analyzing the business case, Cypress identified the right way to reach the final objective.
- A geo-tracking tool was to be elaborated, that would overcome the manufacturers’ limitations
- A CMS system was required to analyze the user behavior and collect data
- A location tracking SDK was to be built that would work perfectly on all devices, regardless of the OS version and model
- The SDK usage was to be intuitive so that developers can easily integrate it into the already existing app

The Solution

The Cypress team met the requirements of Bubbl.
- The company built a location tracking SDK that is easily integrated into the customers’ applications and provided them with great experience
- This software development kit offers a great experience both for iOS and Android users, regardless of the OS version and model
- A CMS was developed to control the content, and analyze the targeted locations
- No matter 5sqm or an island, the users may lock down their location and set the required features and tools
As a result, the Bubbl team offers better marketing services to the customers: more targeted campaigns, advertising content management, and great user experience.

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