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Android    iOS is a revolutionary tool that modernizes the operation management process for municipalities. Its responsibility expands over streamlining, productivity increase, liability reduction, and staff administration.

The Problem

The problem team faced was a relatively low-level service of the system that takes too much time. There were not any available tools that would manage all the working processes, eliminate paperwork, and improve life for the citizens.

The Challenge

Getting familiar with the existing issues, the Cypress team took the responsibility to come up with an effective solution. While developing the application, our team faced some challenges to create an app that:
- Makes the working process more effective in municipalities
- Caches data locally on different devices
- Throws out manual paperwork
- Includes a smart task tracking tool that manages the coordination of the operations

The Solution

At Cypress, we overcame the challenge and developed native apps that offer high performance both for iOS and Android OSs. In the end, we came to a result:
- Easy and intuitive user experience
- Live map
- Internal messaging system
- Coordinated operations
- Offline maintenance
As a result, the City.Works app provides a range of field-specific tools (both on iOS and Android) and offers a system of engagement that levels up the municipality services.

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