Vouch4me is an Android application that collects reviews of people about their employees and sends this feedback directly to the addresses.

The Problem

Small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs needed a tool to receive trustworthy feedback about their work and gain a reputation as a result. On the other hand, the users needed a tool to leave feedback to their employees (mainly one-time job employees, like a plumber, or an architect or a company that builds your house, etc.) and in this way to have the work quality assured. A platform was required where people could find talented and trustworthy employees, who are also recommended by their friends and colleagues.

The Challenge

To solve the problems people faced, Cypress accepted the challenge to build an app that would:
- Handle the massive amounts of video streaming on user pages/timelines
- Offer a smooth UX while processing such video content which user surfs through
- Engage users and motivate people to record videos

The Solution

- Due to the custom UX and animations, the application shows high-speed data load so that the users stay hassle-free
- It’s more than simple and intuitive to record videos as the users don’t need to think about a specific topic to speak about in the video stream. Instead, they answer predefined questions that are chosen in advance.

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